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544271 Alberta Ltd/AKA DJB Consulting
Random thoughts that don't mean anything

This page belongs to me, although I'm sure Jean (wife) will be renovating it shortly. 

We have three kids: Jody, Justin and Janine.  Jody is living common law with Sarah and they have a little girl Rylee.  Janine is living common law with Ryan and they have a little boy Gracyn and is expecting again in Feb 2007.  (See a trend here).  Sadly Justin died in an auto accident in 2000.

Our grandkids are neat but their parents try to drive us crazy.  I think it's working.

We live in the country by Wembley, Alberta on a profitable (ha ha) 1 quarter farm (more laughs).  We used to have animals but they may have started to show a profit so we got rid of them.  Now all we raise is hell and weeds.

I'm a consultant in the oil patch and Jean runs the show here.  I find the day isn't long enough to do both my job and find things to keep Jean busy.  Ah but I'll perservere.

Jean has a variety of interests from renovating, beautifying the place, making things, going to visit, dining out, camping and travelling....you name it.  I like drinking Gibsons and pepsi in my shop.

I try to make extra money by buying things and then selling them at a loss.  So far I'm right on track and getting better with time.

Both Jean and I have brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews etc etc.  We think they're all snobby because they haven't came to visit us in years.  I distinctly remember inviting them to visit us the last time we visited them (1982 I think).   

Enough for now, I'll edit this stuff later.